Monday, June 4, 2018

2015 FMF Ally placed with Citrus County Sheriff Office

FMF Ally was placed with Citrus County Sheriff Office in October 2015. Ally was the first bloodhound to be gifted to LE. so far she has had a great career and has had several finds. She found where a small toddler  lived as the child was found wandering down a road and was unable to tell deputies his name or address! But Ally scented off the child's jacket and was able to take the handler back to the child's home so the child was safely reunited with family. She also has had several finds of elderly people with memory problems. She is a bloodhound full of loving personality and is excellent at trailing. Her handler is Deputy Williams and she also has a patrol dog named Samson she works and lives with when off duty. FMF is very proud of her placement and her success.

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